How Access Control Benefits Your Business

18 May 2015
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An access control system is a card-based or software-based security system designed to do just what the name says: allow and control access to certain areas of a building or even a computer. These systems are designed to give companies control over who is allowed in and out of a building, track time that employees work, and protect valuable files on a PC. Modern systems let users have even more control and the ability to change different variables than ever before. Here are some benefits of these systems.

Provides Security

Since an access control system operates based on the user's own personal settings, it can only allow authorized users entry into a building. The main user programs cards assigned for each user and then can also adapt the settings to allow entry for only certain doors or certain sections of a building. The settings can also be changed so that cardholders may only be allowed in during certain hours. If they attempt to get in after or before those hours, they will be denied access. This is an excellent security tool, since the cards are only designated for particular people and since the controls can be set by the system's owner. 

Saves Money

If you have a lot of employees, it can be hard to track and manage their time. With access control systems, you can integrate it into your payroll system so that the employees' time starts when they enter the building and ends when they leave. This can be useful for keeping track of which people are coming in to work on time and which ones may have issues with tardiness. This can save you money in the long run since you can't always keep a watchful eye on every single person and when they arrive for work.

Protects Files

Some access control systems also have additional features that can protect your business and its network files. You can password-protect different folders and other parts of your network so that only certain people can open and modify them. You can purchase special keyboards that users must swipe with their cards in order to log into the system. Then, when they want to log out, they must swipe the card again. This helps to identify which users are logged on and which areas of your network they can access. Even more sophisticated versions of these systems use retina scanners. These new developments can make your building and your internal network more secure than ever before.

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