Tips For Choosing A Home Security System

27 May 2017
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When you want to keep your family and your belongings safe, having a home security system is essential. But with so many option for security systems, selecting the right one can feel like an overwhelming task. If you want to have a home security system installed in your home, use the following tips:

Decide if You Want Monitoring

Most people opt to have a monitored security system, which means that the security company will contact the proper authorities if the alarm goes off and is not disarmed promptly. There is also option for self-monitoring home security systems. With this type of system, the alarm system is programmed to contact you by phone or text if the alarm goes off. 

Get Quotes

The price for security systems can vary greatly, depending on the type of system you have installed and what type of services you want to have included. In some cases, a security system company may offer the equipment and installation for free or a highly discounted price if you sign a contract for monitoring services. When getting quotes, make sure you understand exactly what is included so you can properly compare each system.

Choose the Right Spot for the Control Panel

Most home security systems use a control panel to arm and disarm the system. Make sure that you have the control panel installed in a convenient spot. A lot of people choose to have the control panel placed near the door they exit the most, such as the front door or door to the garage. You may also want to consider placing the control panel in your bedroom near your bed so it is easy to set the alarm at night before going to sleep.

Consider Extra Services Available

If you are investing in a home security system, you may want to consider one that does more than sound the alarm when someone enters your home while the alarm is set. There are many security systems that also include CO2 monitors, gas detectors, and flood detectors.

You may also want to think about choosing a system equipped with a panic button. If your alarm has a panic button, all you have to do is push it when you are in trouble and the police will be notified of your emergency. The extra services available on home security systems can add an extra layer of protection and help ensure that your home is as safe as possible.